Writing Winning Business Proposals

GOOD NEWS – each request for a proposal is a brand new opportunity and a potential sale which means more business and of course more revenue!

BAD NEWS – each request for a proposal means a significant amount of time, money and resources where the outcome is uncertain and you have no guarantee of winning the business!


Writing winning business proposals is as much a technique as it is an art! And no matter what your role is, if you’re like many people the thought of writing a proposal literally gives you sleepless nights because writing a proposal can honestly take anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. The reasons are that writing (of any kind) is a skill that can be difficult to master.  Added to this is the pressure of getting the very best business proposal in on time, so if you aren’t a professional proposal writer, the chances are that you will struggle with putting your ideas down on paper – even though you might be brilliant at face-to-face communication you still need to know how to produce better and more effective proposals in less time.

But it isn’t always as easy as it sounds and a one-size-fits-all-approach to proposal writing is doomed to fail, quite simply because each proposal has its own unique character and requires a creative approach in terms of what will actually appeal to your client’s expectations.  So the question is how do you make sure that you always strike the balance between the artistic touch needed and a solid approach to writing winning proposals?

Most people learn about proposal writing on the job. But we’ve got a much better way, our training course will show you what you need to know to write proposals, respond to a Request for Proposals (RFP), and win more business! That is why this highly practical and hands-on Writing Winning Business Proposals course has been developed exclusively for busy business professionals, like yourself as it will teach you solid tools and techniques that will help you to structure persuasive and compelling proposals in record-time.

You’ll learn dozens of proven tips, techniques and shortcuts for quickly identifying and organising the information you need to put into your proposal, but more importantly you will learn how to differentiate your solution from competing solutions and quite literally WOW your clients.  And you will also discover how to take the aggravation and frustration out of proposal writing, as well as how to improve productivity by minimising the amount of time you spend responding to each request for a proposal.

No matter if you’re preparing a 5-page letter proposal that’s due in three days or a 100-page formal business proposal due in a month, this 2-day Writing Winning Business Proposals course will help you to plan, write and manage proposals that consistently win you business!

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