Understanding Financial and Accounting Concepts, Statements and Terminology

Have you ever sat in a meeting where the ‘numbers’ of your business were being discussed and you didn’t have a clue what they were talking about…


This real-life scenario plays out in businesses across the length and breadth of South Africa every single day. But as a key decision-maker in your organisation, you make dozens of critical decisions that impact your company’s bottom-line on a daily basis!

And although your business instincts are sharp and finely tuned – there are times when you simply can’t trust your gut and you have to look at but more importantly understand and use the numbers, accounting concepts as well as key financial tools strategically and accurately!

As companies fight to increase bottom-line profitability it becomes critical for key employees (i.e. YOU) to have an understanding of financial terms and concepts. That is why we have developed this straight forward and no-nonsense training course that cuts to the chase! And we know that your time is precious and that 2 days away from the office is a big investment for you so we have jam-packed this course with only the most important information that will enable you to get to the heart of ANY financial issue quickly and efficiently.

So, you recognise that mastering financial management is vital to your career. But are you worried that this is going to be 2 days of boring lectures? Don’t worry – unlike the other 10 000 finance for non-financial management courses available, we have gone out of our way to design a programme that is engaging, interactive but above all else practical!

Using a combination of explanations, group exercises and individual exercises, you will gain both a theoretical and practical knowledge of the modules covered. The emphasis of this training course is on the practical application of the modules and as a result we can also guarantee that you will leave this training course with the confidence and control that you need to sharpen your decision-making ability and radically boost your company’s bottom-line!

Straight forward and no-nonsense, this 2-day power-packed training course on Understanding Financial and Accounting Concepts, Statements and Terminology will enable you to get straight to the heart of any financial issue and it will give you the confidence and control when making ANY financial decisions!

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