Training Schedule

For more information about any of our training courses listed below on our training schedule please click on the name of the course you are interested in and you will be taken directly to the webpage for that training course. Should you then require the actual brochure or any additional information please fill in the inquiry form which you will find at the bottom of that page with all the relevant info required (don’t leave anything out!) and click submit. An email will automatically be generated and sent through to us. Please make sure that you include all of your contact details and we will then get in touch with you directly.

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CourseDatesVenueSeat AvailabilityEarly Bird SavingsAccreditation
Assertive Communication Skills for Women18 & 19Johannesburg LIMITED N/AN/A
New Engineering Contract19 & 20Johannesburg SOLD OUT N/AECSA | SACPCMP | ASAQS
NEC421Johannesburg LIMITED N/AECSA
Technical Report Writing24 & 25Durban SOLD OUT N/AECSA | SACPCMP
Finance for Engineers, Project & Technical Managers25, 26 & 27Johannesburg LIMITED N/AECSA
MS Project for Construction & Engineering27 & 28Johannesburg SOLD OUT N/AECSA | SACPCMP

MARCH 2020

CourseDatesVenueSeat AvailabilityEarly Bird SavingsAccreditation
Project Management Scheduling & Control for Engineering and Construction Managers16, 17 & 18Johannesburg LIMITEDSAVE R1000ECSA | SACPCMP
Construction Site Management23 & 24Johannesburg LIMITEDSAVE R1000ECSA | SACPCMP | SAIOSH
GCC 2015 23 & 24Johannesburg SOLD OUT N/AECSA | SACPCMP
Effective Project Administration23, 24 & 25Durban LIMITEDSAVE R1000ECSA | SACPCMP
Finance for Engineers, Project & Technical Managers24, 25 & 26Durban LIMITEDSAVE R1000ECSA
Technical Report Writing25 & 26Johannesburg SOLD OUT N/AECSA | SACPCMP
Time Management30 & 31Johannesburg LIMITEDSAVE R1000N/A

APRIL 2020

CourseDatesVenueSeat AvailabilityEarly Bird SavingsAccreditation
Accounts Payable Processes and Best Practices15 & 16Johannesburg AVAILABLESAVE R2000N/A
Construction Contract Law16 & 17Johannesburg LIMITEDSAVE R2000ECSA | SACPCMP | ASAQS
Effective Project Administration 20, 21 & 22Johannesburg AVAILABLESAVE R2000ECSA | SACPCMP
MS Project for Construction & Engineering20 & 21Durban AVAILABLESAVE R2000ECSA | SACPCMP
JBCC Suite of Contracts20 & 21Johannesburg LIMITEDSAVE R2000ECSA | SACPCMP | ASAQS | SAIAT
Construction Site Management22 & 23Durban AVAILABLESAVE R2000ECSA | SACPCMP | SAIOSH

MAY 2020

CourseDatesVenueSeat AvailabilityEarly Bird SavingsAccreditation
MS Project for Construction & Engineering11 & 12Johannesburg AVAILABLESAVE R2000ECSA | SACPCMP
FIDIC Red Book13 & 14Johannesburg LIMITEDSAVE R2000ECSA | SACPCMP | ASAQS
FIDIC Claims 15Johannesburg LIMITED N/AECSA
Maintenance Planning & Scheduling for Improved Reliability & Uptime18, 19 & 20Johannesburg AVAILABLESAVE R2000ECSA
Effective Office Management & Administration21 & 22Johannesburg AVAILABLESAVE R1000N/A
Business Communication25 & 26Johannesburg AVAILABLESAVE R1000N/A
Construction Estimating25 & 26Johannesburg LIMITEDSAVE R2000ECSA | ASAQS
People Management Skills27, 28 & 29Johannesburg AVAILABLESAVE R2000ECSA | SACPCMP | SACNASP