Training ROI

Every article you read about training talks about the increasing amount of pressure on HR & Training Managers to show an actual Return-On-Investment on their training activities, but very few managers actually do it! ROI is the fastest growing and most accurate metric to measure the impact of learning and development. Yet many of the barriers that hamper the implementation of ROI are quite simply based on misunderstandings and misconceptions. This 2-day course on training ROI will expose you to the most prevalent myths but at the same time will show you why it is important to measure ROI and how you can use it to get the attention of senior management by demonstrating tangible business benefits.

If you as a Training Manager are at the starting point about to embark on the ROI journey then this training course is for you! By attending you will build your capacity to be able to measure the ROI on all of your training initiatives. In other words when you leave, you will be able to put a ROI measurement system in place at your company. You will also learn how to report back to management – in a measurable and quantifiable way – how much value you are adding to your organisation.

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