Training Needs Analysis, Assessment and Evaluation

Has this ever happened to you?

Jabu was the manager of the order processing department of a large electronics company and she had a serious problem. Her team was not performing. They seemed to take forever to process essential paperwork through the department and orders were not being fulfilled timeously and this was causing a backlog of orders and of course unhappy customers. Jabu spent some time looking at available courses and she decided that an onsite training course that dealt with Time Management & Workplace Prioritisation Techniques was just the answer.

So, she spent even more time finding a training provider who could come in and present a 2-day training course on time management and workplace prioritisation techniques to her team. All 9 people in her team attended.

After the training course, Jabu reviewed the evaluation report from the training provider, it looked like everyone who had attended the course, had enjoyed it and they thought that it was well worth their time. After the training course, Jabu expected to see a dramatic change in terms of the speed that her team captured and processed paperwork-sadly, this never happened. The work continued at the same rate and in some cases it even got worse. Jabu was horrified, she had spent over R20 000.00 on the time management and workplace prioritisation course and she was not getting the results she expected. So, what had gone wrong?

Jabu made a classic business mistake…she did not understand the real problem and she thought that a training course would help; in this case she was wrong! Jabu was perplexed, so she spent some time observing and talking to her staff and she uncovered that most of them did not understand the computer software. They struggled with the programme and the forms that they used to input the information was in a completely different order to what was on the computer screen and this is why they took so long to complete the process. So, the training they actually needed was from a software expert who could answer their actual work questions and who could show them efficient ways of using the computer programme – also the form was redesigned to follow the software and this made all the difference in the world. The order processing department after this increased their productivity by over 200%

So, the moral of the story – you need to make sure that you invest in training that is actually needed by conducting a proper needs analysis!

Everyone wants value for money and a return on investment and when you train your employees there is no exception! Sadly, many managers make the mistake of jumping into training solutions head first which are often not the answer. And mistakes like these are both costly and embarrassing as they simply have no impact on the problem – and in some extreme cases they can simply just make it worse! This detailed 2-day Training Needs Analysis, Assessment and Evaluation training course will show you the sequence of steps that you must use to lay the foundation for the entire process, firstly to see if a training need exists; and if it does how to fill the gap with the right training and not just quick fix initiatives that don’t really solve the problem.

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