The Effective Supervisor

Let’s be honest – the fundamental rules of supervision haven’t changed much over the years…but the challenges of being a Supervisor in today’s fast-changing world of work can sometimes make this seem far more difficult than it has to be.

One of the biggest challenges to Supervisors, is that no one prepared you for being a Supervisor. You have the technical skills and know-how in your field, but starting to manage people, demands a new set of skills and competencies. You need to make the transition as smoothly as possible, and in an environment where you are expected to hit the road running, you need to get the relevant skills as quickly as possible.

Whatever your supervisory experience, this training course has been especially designed and developed to cover it all! This is an intensive 2-day training course that covers in detail the key skill areas that Supervisors, like YOU, need to know if you want to get great results from your team.

This training course has been packed with supervisory tools and techniques that will build on your current strengths and capabilities and you will use what you learn for years to come. We have also designed the format to be highly interactive, so this means that you will have an opportunity to practice your new skills, discuss problems and challenges with your peers and take part in practical and interactive exercises which have been designed to build and enhance your skills and knowledge and to quickly make you a more effective Supervisor.

As a Supervisor, you can’t afford to learn through trial and error… when you can simply invest in 2 days on the Effective Supervisor training course that will lay a solid foundation for your on-going career development.

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