Tendering & Winning Public Sector Construction Contracts

The South African Government plans to spend R4-trillion on infrastructure over the next 15 years! The good news is that the Government is always looking for new suppliers and there are a lot of available opportunities to grow your business. However, the impact of the new B-BBBEE Codes and the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA) simply can’t be ignored.

Because the way in which all national and provincial public sector organisations as well parastatals such as Eskom, Telkom and Transnet award tenders has dramatically changed.

So, if you don’t know how these changes affect your tendering process…then you could be out of the running before you even begin.

Public sector procurement is such a broad term and it can cover anything from multi-billion Rand road upgrade deals down to contracts to clean the dustbins at local libraries or supply flowers to a town hall. Every Government department on a national, provincial and local level has its own procurement officers and each have their own procurement requirements, and to add to all of this the procurement procedures will vary according to the value and complexity involved in each particular process. Add to this that the procedures are also dictated to by the level of Government you are dealing with and all of this gets really confusing.

In general the complexity as well as the associated problems of working with the public sector puts off many businesses from sourcing and tendering for public sector contracts. But it shouldn’t…there are a lot of contracts available on a national, provincial and local level and the value of these contracts runs into the billions.

This 2-day Tendering & Winning Public Sector Construction Contracts training course has been researched and developed with one thing in mind, to cover everything that you need to know about how to find, bid, win and then service Government contracts.

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