Supervisory Skills for the Maintenance Professional

Across the length and breadth of the country maintenance departments are streamlining with the aim of improving overall efficiency. Because of this, the level of responsibility for most maintenance professionals has jumped significantly and now more than ever good and robust management training is a must. This 2-day Supervisory Skills for the Maintenance Professional training course is ideal for newly promoted or soon to be promoted maintenance professionals as well as experienced maintenance professionals who simply want to brush up on their fundamental skills.

You will learn ‘how to’ skills and techniques that you will use daily and you will leave this 2-day training course able to lead your team to new levels of excellence:

  • Find out what your leadership style is and how to make it work for you
  • Hone your current communication skills to build and maintain better relationships
  • Ignite enthusiasm by triggering the power of motivation and creating a positive ‘can do’ environment
  • Develop your coaching skills to help your team achieve better results
  • Promote team harmony and cohesiveness and effectively eliminate disagreements and disruptions
  • Learn to delegate with confidence and pick the right team member for the job
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