Root Cause Failure Analysis

There are so many benefits of Root Cause Failure Analysis or RCFA such as putting an end to chronic failures and time-wasting tasks as well as saving you hundreds of thousands of Rands in maintenance costs…so is there any logical reason not to consider initiating RCFA in your maintenance department? It may shock you to learn that in a recent survey it was estimated that a staggering 80% of your maintenance budget gets eaten up dealing with ongoing types of maintenance failures…and no matter what company you work for or industry you are in that is a huge amount of money!!

As a busy Maintenance Manager…you most likely spend a lot of your time on reactive maintenance issues, ‘fighting fires’ as and when you need to, administering quick fixes and patching those reoccurring problems that just seem to never go away…and if you are honest these activities probably account for a very big part of your day…but the question is should they?

This is where Root Cause Failure Analysis comes in, because traditional maintenance strategies tend to neglect the identification and then the correction of the underlying problem. But if you do Root Cause Failure Analysis right and you then apply it consistently throughout your own maintenance processes it can quite literally save your organisation hundreds of thousands of Rands in maintenance repair costs and downtime!

So this 2-day training course offers you something quite different as it takes a unique 360º look at the entire root cause process from start to finish and it will allow you to learn all of the tools and techniques associated with a robust RCFA process. You will not only learn the theory but also how to practically implement a disciplined process to investigate, rectify and eliminate equipment failure in your own maintenance environment.

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