Reduce and Manage Absenteeism in Your Organisation

Every single company has to deal with absenteeism…it is just a reality of doing business. But the latest figures show that sick leave is costing South African companies a staggering R19 billion annually!!

In conjunction with the direct costs are of course the indirect costs (which can’t necessarily be properly accounted for) and these costs can actually pale in comparison when you take into account the impact of overworked employees who have taken on extra work because of other absent employees, often they are frustrated, tired and over-worked, they could then deal with a customer poorly and then you lose that customer for good…so the business implications of absenteeism cannot be over-estimated!

But the fact is that absenteeism is on the increase and it is a significant expense to any company. That is why you need to attend this training course, although absenteeism affects every company in different ways, the techniques that you use to attack this problem head-on are the same no matter if you have 10 people or 10 000!!

It may shock you to learn that an average of 6.3 days per employee per annum is lost due to unapproved absences from work. Considering that each day of absenteeism on average costs around R800 for each employee in your company you are losing on average R5040 per person per annum that you employ now you do the math, considering your number of employees I am sure the number will be staggering!

The methodology used during this training course is based on action-learning, so it is highly interactive in nature. Throughout the training course you will learn how to actually apply the tools presented in each module using real-world case study material. This approach to the training course will equip you with the ability to step-by-step develop, customise and successfully implement a workable absenteeism strategy which is both practical and sustainable into your organisation.

Attend this practical 2-day course and learn how to combat and eradicate this problem in your business.

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