Reading Financial Statements

You don’t have to be an accountant to succeed in business, but you need to be able to speak the language to know how business scores are kept, and how to interpret financial results.

Reading Financial Statements is the perfect 1-day course for every non-financial manager who needs to understand financial data and use them intelligently to make the right business and management decisions.

The practical and hands-on nature of the course takes the mystery out of the subject. Reading Financial Statements clues you in to specialised vocabulary, and convinces you that it’s not rocket science, but a convenient standardised way to define an enterprise and measure its performance.

By first clarifying how to read the three major financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow), the course leader lays the groundwork for his unique approach.

He then sets up a hypothetical company and follows its transactions from start-up through the end of the first year, illustrating clearly the financial reporting process for each transaction. The simplicity and unique visual approach of the presentation equips you with practical-know and confidence in reading financial statements.

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