Proven Telephone Skills for Effective Debt Collection

The collection of overdue accounts is a common problem for many businesses. Our 2-day training course will show you how to get your money quickly and still maintain good customer relations. It will show you how to successfully combine good communications skills and persuasiveness techniques to ensure that your debtors always pay promptly. This course will also show you how to use the telephone to your advantage and will equip you with tried and tested telephone techniques for a variety of scenarios and situations that you may encounter when you are collecting outstanding debts.

This 2-day training course will teach you everything you need to know about how to get what is owed to you quickly and will cover in detail top tips and proven techniques for:

  • Checking debtor details and reviewing the agreed terms and getting consensus
  • Planning your debt collection call – making sure that you have covered all of the bases
  • Keeping a positive attitude all the time
  • Presenting a professional image of your company
  • Using effective communication skills to your advantage
  • Dealing with stallers and excuses-makers and tips to quickly disarm them and get the ‘power’ back
  • Persuasion 101 as well as how to get and keep commitment
  • Developing an effective and efficient record keeping system that works
  • Evaluating the call – what could you have done differently?

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