Project Risk Management

Next Available Public Course Dates for the Project Risk Management Course
12 August 2024 – Online 

All projects carry an element of risk, that is just the nature of projects. But it is the ability to identify, assess and manage risks in
projects, no matter it’s size and scope that has now become an essential skill.

It is true that potential risk and liability lurks around every corner and if you unknowingly assume that risk you can be putting your project and ultimately your company in harm’s way. That is why everyone who is involved in projects (in any way, shape, or form) must understand and practice risk management to maximise project success.

That is where this training course comes in, best practices to explain the fundamental principles of risk management with particular emphasis on its application on projects in a real-world environment.

The training course will highlight the importance of a project risk management process by examining the relationship between existing global standards such as AS/NZS 4360:1999, APM’s PRAM, and the PMI® PMBOK™.

We will also focus on how to use a generic project risk management process based on the various standards – this process can easily be adapted and shows you an uncomplicated approach to business and project risk that can easily be applied on your projects.

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