Project Management, Scheduling & Control for Engineering & Construction Managers

Next Available Public Course Dates for the Project Management Course
29, 30 & 31 August 2022 – Online

If you want to avoid project failure, you have to take the time to plan thoroughly. 

In a recent global construction survey it came to light that only 31% of construction projects came within 10% of their budget and only 25% finished within 10% of their original deadlines. Overall only 33% of projects were delivered on time and on budget…and remember that these are ‘global’ statistics!

The main reasons that construction project managers gave for the failure of their projects were:

75% – missed milestones and deadlines
55% – exceeded budgets
37% – not able to actually meet the project requirements

So, this training course has been researched and designed to show you how to use all the latest project management tools, tips and techniques so that you can create better schedules that improve productivity, save time and simplify all of your construction scheduling activities from the initial planning and scheduling phase to actual schedule development, including updates and the project close-out.

Training Course Methodology & Case Studies To Be Used

The training course will use a variety of construction-focused examples in order to highlight how you can practically apply what you learn. In addition and also to ensure that we can tackle all of the modules in detail within the given time frame we will assume that the project has been given the green light to proceed and you have won the work.

This course is not a basic run-of-the-mill project management course. When you register for this training course we will automatically assume that you already have a practical working knowledge of the fundamental principles of project management.

The course content is based on best practices in the construction project management profession and references the 2017 6th Edition of the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body-of-Knowledge (PMBOK®). In addition, our expert Course Leader, Dennis Comninos will use a variety of construction-focused examples in order to highlight the practical applications during each module.

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