Project Management for Executives and Managers

Executives and managers have enormous power to create an environment in which projects can thrive. This power comes not necessarily from their position in the organisation chart, but rather from their ability to take simple actions that can have far-reaching consequences. What are these actions? What can be done to create the fertile ground in which projects can flourish?

Effective delivery of projects requires more than just technological leadership; it also requires project and business leadership and management to achieve the objectives of scope, time, cost, quality, function and performance. Research has proven time and time again that for any major complex undertaking the consequences of how well the project is managed will generally far outweigh the consequences of how well any specific technical role is performed. This intensive 2-day course focuses on the fundamentals of Project Management and on the roles and responsibilities of all involved especially those of Executives and Managers acting in the role of Project Sponsor.

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