Professional Business Image and Telephone Etiquette

Most people would be shocked to see how others actually see or perceive them and that old saying is true – FIRST IMPRESSIONS DO COUNT! This 2-day short course will equip all Learners with the most essential skills and knowledge needed to become more professional in their daily working routine. The key focus area of this training course is to allow you, the Learner to discover a self-image that feels right but more importantly one that looks great to clients, colleagues and peers. It will also allow you to improve on the existing image that you are projecting, and will cover in detail overall professionalism, customer care and telephone etiquette. This training course will cover in detail how to:

  • Make that Million Dollar first impression
  • Dress for success and maximise your clothes
  • Project an image that says you are a winner and someone to be reckoned with
  • Apply proven tips and techniques for handling any difficult business situation
  • Deal with cross-cultural etiquette the right way and not embarrass either yourself or your company
  • Master modern business etiquette, from handshakes to handing our business cards and everything in between
  • Answer, make and return calls like a pro!
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