Preventive Maintenance Programmes

A Preventive Maintenance (PM) strategy is like any other business tool – it is not meant to work in isolation or to be stagnant and never change. It should be flexible, dynamic and strong enough to accommodate business changes as and when they occur. But many maintenance departments get so caught up in the ‘doing’ that they forget why they were ‘doing it’ in the first place!

The aim of any Preventive Maintenance programme is to effectively stop random breakdown maintenance and move towards the development of scheduled routine maintenance. In principal, the theory sounds easy…but research has shown that many maintenance departments struggle to get it right. It has also been proven that more than 30% of all maintenance tasks are quite simply a waste of time for your operators, tradesmen and equipment and this puts a drain on your maintenance resources and budgets.

This skills-packed CPD-accredited 3-day training course is guaranteed to get you up to speed fast on the latest, most effective Preventive Maintenance techniques and strategies available. In addition, you’ll learn literally dozens of the very latest and best practices in improving your Preventive Maintenance (PM) practices that will save you time, money and effort along the way.

Learn the key concepts in this results-focused training course, and you’ll repay the cost of attending tenfold within the first few weeks as you use your newfound expertise to maintain tighter control on all aspects within your physical asset management process.

Bottom line…invest just three days in this essential training course, and you’ll eliminate unnecessary expenditures, avoid emergency repairs and quick fixes and stamp out waste as you learn how to create additional resources without spending any additional money on manpower!

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