Presentation Skills for Safety Officers/Managers

As a Safety Officer/Manager you must do presentations during your day-to-day functions from safety inductions to toolbox talks to presenting the very latest stats to the management team…but what happens if you just aren’t naturally a gifted presenter?Although you are most probably very well versed in the technical nature of your subject…this does not automatically make you a dynamic presenter! It is all too often that a good message is lost simply because of poor delivery.

The reality is that safety presentations are very different from ‘regular’ or marketing-focused presentations simply because you have to convey much more detailed and often complex information.And with today’s tech savvy audiences becoming more and more sophisticated, sloppy presentations simply won’t do and in fact they do more of a disservice to the message you are trying to get across, a poor presentation can also severely damage your reputation and credibility leaving you a laughing stock…and who wants that?

This training course is specifically geared towards anyone involved in the safety field who has to explain the fundamentals of safety to guys on the shop floor to the most complex and technical information in a compelling way. It will teach you how to give your audience the information they need without boring them or killing them with techno-babble.It has also been designed in such a way to be as practical and as interactive as possible. So, no matter if you are preparing for your very first safety presentation or if you’ve given hundreds, this course will help you to improve your safety-focused presentation skills as well as mastering the tools and techniques that will give your presentations impact and flair.

In a nutshell we can guarantee that by attending this 2-day training course that you will develop powerful presentation skills and your audience won’t forget you…or your safety presentation in a hurry!

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