Pre-Course Prep & Post-Course Support

At Alusani Skills & Training Network® we do things a little differently. We have a firm commitment to you our Course Participants. We want to ensure that there is a measurable impact and sustainable change from your learning experience, in short that you are able to apply your learning to real business problems. So, we believe that the reinforcement of learning is vitally important.

Pre-Course Preparation

From our decades of experience in the training provision and skills development arena, we have come to believe that the learning experience should extend beyond the time in the actual classroom – including both pre-course learning preparation and post-course learning reinforcement processes.

Alusani Skills & Training Network® offers confidential one-on-one pre-course communication with all Course Participants via email in order to gauge their interests, skills gaps, and pinpoint specific customisation needs.

This pre-course communication further helps Course Participants to prepare and develop a positive attitude towards participating in the course. And our commitment to our Course Participants does not end when the course finishes.

Post-Course Support

We realise that our training courses cover vast areas of subject matter and that inevitably questions will arise after the training course. Typically after a short-course, Course Participants return to the workplace pressured by missed work time and faced with email overflowing from your inbox. The course reference manual gets put on the shelf and rarely gets opened again. In order to support the transition and implementation of the course learnings, we offer Post-Course Support.

Every Course Participant attending any of our training courses (public and/or onsite) receives extensive and ongoing support from Alusani Skills & Training Network® and their highly qualified Course Leader. The type of support does vary depending on the training course but will include for a period of 12 months after the training course some or all of the following:

  • Monthly email Brain Boosters
  • Post-programme assessments
  • Access to white papers
  • Articles and case study materials
  • Ask your Course Leader

Plus we offer our Course Participants FREE access to topic-driven Webinars

As an addition to our Post-Course Support we have also introduced scheduled and interactive Webinar sessions between our Course Leaders and Course Participants. The Webinars are topic-driven and you will have a chance to follow – via your office PC/laptop – the online presentation and participate in the Q & A session with a variety of our expert Course Leaders.

The Webinars are exclusive to past Course Participants of Alusani Skills & Training Network® courses only. Invitations to register for the Webinars are sent out via email before each scheduled Webinar and they contain the date, the topic, an overview of the talking points, as well as the registration link. Please note that invitations to Webinars are not transferable to non-Course Participants.

Recently, past Course Participants have walked away with new tools and tried and tested techniques at the following power-packed Webinars:

Maintenance-Focused Webinars
  • Maintenance Planning & Scheduling – Balancing Today’s Implementation Issues
  • Maintenance Planning & Scheduling – It’s Time to Shift Gears?
  • Maintenance Planning & Scheduling – We Need to Get Back to Basics to Get it Right
  • Why is My Preventive Maintenance Program Not Working?
Construction-Focused Webinars
  • Adjudication Provisions & Procedures across the Standard Form Contracts
  • JBCC Extension of Time (EOT) Claims
  • Making a Claim Under FIDIC – What is Clause 20.1 All About?
  • NEC and the Weather
  • NEC3 Z-Clauses
Project & Safety-Focused Webinars
  • 10 Things to Avoid When Writing a Technical Report
    Building Flexibility into Projects
  • Going Back to Basics – Have You Lost Sight of the Fundamentals of Project Management, Scheduling & Control
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment for Construction
  • Project Definition and Planning for Engineering & Construction Projects
  • What are Your Legal Requirements in Terms of OHS Training?
General Interest Webinars
  • Cost Cutting – Root Out Negligent Purchasing Spend and Invisible Inventory
  • Does Personality Have An Influence on Work Performance?
  • How To Find Balance In Your Workday
  • How To Optimise Your ‘Female Power’ in the Workplace
  • How To Stay Positive in A Challenging Environment
  • Tips On How To Turn Your Dull Technical Report Into A Dynamic Presentation
  • Women and Assertiveness
HR & Training-Focused Webinars
  • Spend Your Training Budget Wisely
  • The New Breed of HR Professional
  • Why HR & Line Managers Should Work More Closely Together

Rave Reviews

Please Note – Webinars are reliant on a high-speed, continuous Internet connection and your PC or laptop must have audio. Please note that Alusani Skills & Training Network® as the Webinar Organisers cannot be held liable for your organisation’s Internet connectivity.