PFMA & Treasury Regulations

Please note this course can be tailor-made to address the specific concerns at National, Provincial or Local Government Levels as well as Schedule 3B Public Entities

The Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) aims to introduce an approach of management for results instead of managing to compliance. So, in short it affects all role-players, no matter their position in the public accountability chain. In terms of Section 45 of the Act you have a responsibility for the effective, efficient, economical and transparent use of financial and other resources as well as a large number of financial management aspects.

So, this training course has been developed to give all Officials an in-depth understanding of how the PFMA requirements affects their daily tasks and areas of responsibility with regards to reporting processes, financial management and increased accountability.

Understanding the complexities of the PFMA is a must and this training course has been designed in such a way to be as practical and interactive as possible. A variety of practical examples as well as real-life government-focused case studies will allow you to gain both a theoretical and practical grounding of the modules covered. The emphasis of this training course is on the practical application of the modules and as a result we can also guarantee that you will leave this training course with the confidence and control that you need to sharpen your decision-making ability and radically boost your department’s contribution.

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