Find out how our onsite training and learning solutions can really make your training Rands stretch further

Tens of millions of Rands are spent on corporate training and development every year within the SA corporate arena. So, when you consider your own training budget, you want to get as much value out of your training investment as possible.

We believe that the end result of any training or learning intervention should be able to show a significant return on investment whether it be in increased performance, profitability or improved efficiencies. So, we listen to what you want and need and believe that accurately determining your training needs is the very first step on the road to delivering effective training that always hits the right target.

Our aim is to provide you with a complete onsite training solution. Click on the tabs below to find out what we can do for you and learn how you can take advantage of this information before you waste any more of your training budget!

We Take the Time to Understand Your Business

Our clients tell us that we are easy to work with! We put a lot of effort into building long-term partnerships and relationships. We get ‘under the skin’ of our clients and we listen, so that we can help solve your training needs. We never try to sell you something you don’t need!

Our Training Solutions are Aligned to Your Business Needs

We offer over 175 training courses in 19 different subject areas. As all the Course Participants will be from your company we can customise and align any of our courses based on your particular business issues and needs.

If the Training Course Doesn’t Exist – We’ll Create it Just for You!

Our research and development team are experts at helping clients to identify their training needs and then designing and developing a solution to meet those exact needs. Our onsite courses can be specifically designed to your unique requirements – making sure that the training will deliver the results that you need.

We Research, Design and Develop Our Own Training Courses

Unlike many competitors who simple cut and paste from training programmes they find on the Internet, we pride ourselves on taking the time to find out exactly what the issues are and then designing and delivering high-quality, innovative and engaging training solutions.

We have a proven track record in researching skills gaps and creating short courses with real-world application. Each training course is designed to go beyond just the mere demonstration of the fundamentals and theory of a particular topic and cover in detail the practical application of the principles using real case-studies, examples and group exercises just to name a few of the training methodologies used.

Our Course Leader Faculty is the Best!

In order to support our approach, we hand-pick all of our highly qualified Course Leaders; this allows us to ensure that they have the right balance of expert knowledge and practical experiences in the field. So, we can guarantee that your Course Participants are exposed to the very latest thinking and most innovative practices in business today.

Our Course Leaders have all worked in their specific areas of expertise for many years and they combine many years of practical experience with a passion and a talent for sharing their knowledge & expertise. This experience means that they understand the real-world challenges faced by our Course Participants. No matter what type of training you are looking for, we have the Course Leader with the right experience that can connect with your team. Click here to find out more about our Course Leader Faculty.

Whether You Have a Large or Small Group, We Will Deliver Every Time

Whether you are training a group of 8 or 800, we have the skills, experience and capability to deliver results for you on every level.

No Geographical Limitations

From Johannesburg to Accra and even further afield to New York. We have and can provide our training courses absolutely anywhere.

Post-Course Support – Unique to Alusani Skills & Training Network®

We realise that all of our training courses cover vast subject areas, and inevitably questions will arise after the training course. The typical post-course experience involves Course Participants returning to the workplace stressed by the missed work time and faced with emails overflowing in their inbox. The course manual often gets put on the shelf and rarely gets opened again. In order to really help with the transition and implementation of the course learning outcomes. Alusani Skills & Training Network® offers free Post-Course Support to all Course Participants.

In the standard format, our Post-Course Support takes the form of monthly emails for 12 months after the course which include reminders about specific course content, bonus material or email access to Course Leader to clarify specific course content.

For specific courses we have introduced scheduled and interactive Webinar sessions between a variety of our Course Leader and your Course Participants as an additional part of our Post-Course Support process.

Every Year We Train Thousands of Employees from Both Public Entities and Leading Private Organisations from South Africa and Neighbouring Countries

Our track record can’t be beat! No other training company in South Africa does what we do or provides such a diverse portfolio of training courses with all of the value-added services.

We Guarantee that We Will Save You Money!

Onsite training provides significant cost savings as we bring the training to you so there are no travel, accommodation or car hire expenses for your Course Participants.

We Are Committed to Quality

We are confident that you will find our products and services to be of a superior quality. But for your piece of mind our promise to you is quite simple. If you aren’t happy and feel that any of our courses fall short of the advertised objectives and outline we will give you a credit note towards a future course of equal value within the next 12 months.

For more information, please contact Imogen Tarita at 011 447 7470 or
or click here to download our Onsite Training Contact Form

How Many People Do I Need to Make Onsite Training Cost Effective?

Onsite training offers you a more economic training solution. For 8 or more of your colleagues, Alusani Skills & Training Network® will bring any of our training courses from our diverse portfolio to your organisation.

What is the Maximum Class Size That You Can Accommodate?

This is dependent entirely on the topic. We do not run seminars and as we take the practical learning component very seriously, all of our training courses have a maximum number of Course Participants that are accepted.

Please remember that all of our training courses are extremely hands-on and offer numerous practical sessions, therefore the maximum class sizes range from 15 – 30 Course Participants depending on the topic. It is important to note that we will not under any circumstances jeopardise the quality and effectiveness of our training courses and services. Therefore we strictly adhere to the advised maximum number of Course Participants per training course. This may mean that for larger groups two training courses are required. However, our Corporate Account Executives can indeed advise you of maximum class sizes.

Can Your Training Courses be Customised to Our Exact Needs?

We know that no two companies have the exact same training needs – they differ in objectives, audience, and training environments. And although all of our training courses outlines are generated via a detailed and extensive research process, sometimes off-the-shelf-solutions are just not the answer.

Off-the-shelf courses can meet many of your training goals; however, even the best tried and tested content may require some degree of customisation to be 100% effective for your needs.

Training must always be relevant in order to be effective. If the material is too generic, your Course Participants may ask themselves, ‘what does this have to do with me?’. Training can fail because your Course Participants were not engaged, not interested, and did not find the content practical, pertinent or compelling.

So, in order for your company to gain maximum benefit from any of our training courses we offer you an opportunity to customise the actual course outline.

The degree of customisation is unlimited: from updating a module, relating the course to meet your exacting requirements to the creation of an entirely new course using your own case studies.

Therefore, we offer you two (2) levels of Course Customisation – Basic & Advanced. The level of customisation is up to you and should you require customisation the process is as follows:

We will review your customisation requirements as well as your business practices with our Course Leaders. Customisation can include but is not limited to a specific focus on key areas of concern or technology aspects, brand specific information, organisational work practices and even internal procedural aspects.

However, it is important to note that all training course outlines provided whether they are off-the-shelf or customised options are copyrighted by Alusani Skills & Training Network® and they can’t be used by your organisation or any employees under any circumstances without our express written permission or without charge.

Is There a Charge for Designing or Developing a Customised Training Course?

Basic customisation is free-of-charge, however for more advanced customisation a fee may be levied. Based on your actual customisation requirements, our Course Leaders will then develop course material and lesson plans in line with your needs.

Please note that the CPD points are available on the standard courses only. Should the level of customisation mean that the CPD points that we currently have fall away, and your organisation requires CPD points, we will submit and follow the validation process through on your behalf (this service in terms of the CPD submission and related activities is free-of-charge). Please do note however, that all costs associated with this process that are billed by the certifying body to Alusani Skills & Training Network® will then be billed directly to your organisation.

In addition, we will also develop a list of assessment questions in the form of a Pre-Course Questionnaire that will be sent out to your Course Participants a minimum of two (2) weeks before the start of the training course. This will allow us and the Course Leader to further ensure that the content, approach and pace of the course is pitched at the right level.

What does the Onsite Fee Include?

The fee for the onsite training course covers the following:

  • The expert Course Leader for duration of course
  • The Course Leader’s return travel from Johannesburg, Durban or Bloemfontein as well as all accommodation and related expenses
  • All training and learning materials including a notepad and pen
  • Each Course Participant will receive a Pre-Course Questionnaire which enables the Course Leader to pitch the training course at the correct level
  • An e-Certificate of Completion for each Course Participant who completes the training course
  • CPD-certificate/s where applicable
  • Detailed evaluation of the training course and the compilation of the Course Participants as well as the Course Leaders observations and evaluation in a written Feedback Report
  • 12 Months of Post-Course Support via individual emails to all Course Participants who complete the training course to reinforce key learning points and bonus material where applicable
  • Invitations to all Course Participants to participate in a variety of Webinars by Alusani® Course Leaders – free-of-charge.

How Does the Fee for an Onsite Training Solution Compare to that of Your Public Training Courses?

Onsite training does work on economies of scale. The more people you are able to train at one time the better, providing that you do not go over the maximum number of Course Participants that a training course can accommodate.

For example, if you have 12 of your staff who need to attend a business writing training course, then it would be far more cost-effective if you were to train the entire group of 12 at one time rather than splitting the group into 2 and running two sessions with 6 people each.

Other added benefits of onsite training is that we will deliver the training at a time and place that is most convenient to you. This saves you time and money as well as all of the hassle of arranging flights, and hotel accomodation.

What About Travel & Accommodation Arrangements if Our Company is Located Outside of Gauteng?

This is all incorporated in the fee so there are no nasty surprises or hidden costs. The fee we quote you is what you pay and we take care of and pay for all Course Leader travel, accommodation and other related expenses.

So, How Do We Actually Arrange an Onsite Training Course, What Do I Need to Do?

The very first step is to contact us. We have a number of highly experienced Corporate Account Executives who are all uniquely qualified to help you, and their job is to take all of the guesswork and worrying out of the equation.

We will conduct a thorough and complete Training Needs Analysis with you, this will then allow us to ensure that we understand exactly what your training needs are and using this information we can then design a solution that is right for you.

Using this information we will submit a detailed proposal to you. Once we have received back a signed approval page, we will start making all the necessary arrangements.

For more information, please contact Imogen Tarita at 011 447 7470 or
or click here to download our Onsite Training Contact Form

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