New Engineering Contract (NEC3)

Next Available Public Course Dates for the New Engineering Contract Course
23 & 24 July 2024 – Online – SOLD OUT

The New Engineering Contract Family of Contracts (NEC3) is used by major organisations across the length and breadth of South Africa, and its popularity continues to grow worldwide. This modern family of contracts has fast become a standard for private companies, parastatals and public sector organisations alike. The reason for this is that the NEC3 family of contracts has three main objectives compared with traditional contracts: being flexible in its range of applications and risk allocation, being clear and simple to understand and use, as well as stimulating good project management between the parties.

We all know that the NEC3 is an accepted standard form of contract for construction projects. And let’s be honest, there are many companies that claim to use the NEC3 in its purest format, however in reality many companies have amended the NEC3 contract to such an extent that it no longer resembles the standard form of contract at all and using it leads to greater confusion…does any of this sound familiar?

Often, many of the amendments to NEC3 contracts are vague, badly drafted, ambiguous…take your pick of adjectives…the issue is then that the interpretation of these amended clauses, often raises more questions, and this then leads to misunderstandings, disputes and of course claims!

So, this 2-day multi-CPD-accredited training course is highly recommended for anyone involved in working with the NEC3 Black Book, as the aim of this training course is to equip all Course Participants with a detailed understanding and practical working knowledge of the mechanics and day-to-day functions of the NEC3 Black Book.

In addition, the NEC3 course will also cover in detail, the very necessary practical commercial skills that you need, as well as the general principles of the law of contract. And in order to lay the foundation for the entire course, we will take a detailed look at a historical perspective of the NEC3 and will consider the history and the events that stimulated its development.

The reality though, is that if you want to get the very best from the NEC3 then it makes sense to have the right knowledge and skills. It is important to understand how the NEC3 contract effects procurement processes, dispute resolution, project management, and risk management.

That is where this multi-CPD-accredited training course comes in. We have based this training course on a mix of research, actual experience as well as some of the trials and tribulations we have seen first-hand when dealing with the Black Book. But all of the case studies and examples used during the 2 days are based on real-life construction situations.

So this NEC3 course, pulls together all of this and much more in terms of best practices as it material valued at over R2000 ABSOLUTELY FREE! answers a wide range of on-going questions often asked by NEC3 users…so when you think about it, you really can’t afford to miss this training course if you are working or going to be working with this contract anytime soon!

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