NEC3 Supply Contract (SC) & Supply Short Contract (SSC)

Buying goods and service make up a large part of any project. In 2010, NEC published two new contracts, namely the NEC3 Supply Contract (SC) and the Supply Short Contract (SS) to assist with the buying of goods and services.

The SC is generally more often used as it is applicable for both local and international procurement of high value and/or high risk manufactured goods as well as for the services that are directly associated with the supply of the manufactured goods. In short, this means that the goods will be wholly or partly designed and manufactured specifically to the projects specifications but it is also applicable to ‘off-the-shelf ‘ products as well.

The SSC caters for the ‘supply of standard commodities’ i.e. standard manufactured items needed for your project. The SSC is suitable for us with contracts that do not require sophisticated management techniques and that impose only low risks on both the Purchaser and the Supplier.

So this two day training course has been designed and developed to cover in detail the structure of each of the contracts as well as the key components and benefits of using them when purchasing goods and services. Learn about the structure, key components and the benefits that the Supply Contract & Supply Short Contract can bring to all the parties in a contract as well as how to use, negotiate and manage Supply Contracts and the Supply Short Contracts to assist with the buying of goods and services by covering:

  • A detailed discussion of the background & philosophy behind the NEC3 family of contracts and discussing where & how the Supply Contract & the Supply
    Short Contract fit into the picture
  • An in-depth look at the mechanics, key clauses and Conditions of Contract of both the SC & SSC
  • Everything you need to know about Compensation Events & Dispute Resolution under the SC & SSC

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