NEC3 Professional Services Contract (PSC)

The NEC3 Professional Services Contract (PSC) was developed and drafted as part of the NEC system of contract documents. It uses the same process-based approach as found in the case of the ECC or any other NEC contract for the appointment of consultants tasked with providing professional services in connection with engineering, construction or other projects.

Designed on the basis of best practice in terms of project management, the basic philosophy of the NEC3 PSC differs substantially from the principles and approach of other standard professional services contracts used to appoint consultants. Consultants are essentially treated no differently than contractors (they also have to submit a programme and can be fined for late completion of services etc.).

Coupled with the fact that it can be used not only to appoint project managers, supervisors, designers, consultants or other suppliers of services under NEC contracts it can interestingly also be used to appoint suppliers on non-NEC construction projects or for non-construction projects. This means that the level of flexibility offered within the PSC make it a very popular contract with a variety of uses and applications.

This 2-day interactive case-study driven training course is a practical guide to the application and the preparation of the contract documentation relating to the PSC. It identifies and addresses the specific roles and responsibilities of the parties involved and this approach allows all Course Participants to get a first-hand look at dealing with any potential issues they may come across when using the contract as we examine all of the procedures in relation to the PSC as well as some of the approaches designed to achieve a successful working relationship between all parties involved.

This training course is ideal for anyone working in the construction and related industries who use the Professional Services Contract to either procure or provide consultancy services to a construction project.

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