Mining Health & Safety

The stats don’t lie, and the reality is that mining deaths are up a staggering 13.7% in 2018. With significant improvements being made globally in this area coupled with the technological developments, the question is why are South African mining companies not making inroads and keeping their workers safe? The mining industry is subject to a whole host of strict laws and guidelines relating to safety, but has it become production and profit at any cost?

So, how do you keep your site safe and meet your regulatory obligations but still balance production and profit requirements?

That is where this training course comes and to help you in your safety endeavours, we can tackle this topic from two very different points of view:

  • Firstly, from a senior management level that covers this topic purely from a strategic and risk management point of view. The aim of this course is to ensure that all risks are identified, and strategies put into place to minimise the safety risks so that your statutory and regulatory obligations are met
  • Secondly, we put your workers through their paces and we tackle this course and promote a safe system of work on a mine
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