Mining Compliance

The mining industry (despite its many issues) remains a vital component of the South African economy today. And with all the threats, demands and challenges that this industry faces from a slump in commodity prices, rising costs, political hostility to industrial unrest (which are nothing new) and everything else in-between then it is no wonder that mining executives are feeling overwhelmed.

Added to all of this are the statutory legal reporting and compliance issues that you must stay on top of and added into the mix are the requirements dictated by the recent changes to the Mining Charter, 2018 along with the Financial Provisioning Regulations, 2015 (which are set to be repealed in the next few months)…basically, you have a lot to cope with.

But, if you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance because it only takes one mistake – however unintentional – to cause significant damage to your company’s ability to do business. The newspapers are littered with stories about mining companies who have shelled out millions of Rands in fines. Even more sobering…are the mining companies that have gone into liquidation and shut-up-shop due to non-compliance.

All of this makes it more important than ever for you to have a keen working knowledge of the reporting and compliance requirements and that is where this training course with our expert Course Leader Lili Nupen comes in because it has been researched and developed to cover all the bases and clarify all the “grey” compliance-related areas.

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