Management and Leadership Development Skills for Women

Taking your rightful position as an equal in business is not always easy. But the real question is why with all of the progress made in terms of equal opportunities does it remain so difficult? It goes without saying but women really do have unique sources of stress in their lives from multiple-role conflicts, an inability to say “no to colleagues or family members, perfectionism, the need to prove yourself and the worst one of all…the need to “”do it all”.

So why do women struggle with a lack of self-confidence when it comes to effectively positioning themselves within the workplace? Well, when you consider that for generations women have been taught to be polite, never interrupt, be agreeable and make others around them feel comfortable and at ease…then it is no small wonder that women remain stuck in middle management and that they earn significantly less than their male counterparts.

Recent research has revealed that the percentage of working women in senior management positions in SA is inadequate and has been static for the past 6 years!

This powerful Management and Leadership Development Skills for Women training course is exactly what you need to kick-start the development of your leadership potential. This training course is vitally important to your ongoing career development, it will empower and inspire you as well as boost your confidence to become the leader you have always wanted to be!

Attend this dynamic and results-focused Management and Leadership Development Skills for Women training course and you’ll learn how to:

  • Use your own personality and leadership style to maximum effect
  • Correctly position yourself as a powerful and effective leader and increase your professional effectiveness
  • Deal with diversity in the workplace and learn why this can make all the difference to your career
  • Take advantage of your personal communication strengths
  • Build and maintain a motivated and committed team
  • Establish and project credibility and earn the respect that you deserve
  • Quickly and effectively identify, defuse and manage conflict
  • Become the type of leader who inspires loyalty and commitment
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