Maintenance Planning and Scheduling for Improved Reliability and Uptime

Next Available Public Course Dates for the Maintennace Planning Course
16, 17 & 18 July 2024 – Online 

A poorly maintained asset, whether it’s a substation, refinery or oil and gas facility or a piece of machinery simply cannot produce what it was originally designed to do. Unfortunately, many senior managers in technical fields have a weak understanding of the role that good maintenance planning and scheduling practices play in the economic success of a company.

Added to this lack of understanding is the reality that most organisations simply do not have a proper maintenance planning and scheduling function, and those that do are often frustrated because it doesn’t work like it should!

Maintenance planning and scheduling is a critical part of today’s pro-active maintenance equation…and if you are reading this thinking that it doesn’t work like this in your maintenance department then let me tell you that it should!

Sadly, during tough economic times (like the ones we find ourselves in now), the very first part of the corporate budget that gets cut is training and the second is often maintenance-related projects. This is a huge mistake to make, because not only should we be empowering people through training and education, but halting improvement initiatives means that many asset lifecycles are severely shortened.

The reason why maintenance projects are put on the backburner during uncertain financial times is because ill-informed senior executives often see production as the primary focus and maintenance tasks as simply a cost centre of burden. Production, however, isn’t the be all and end all of business; profitability is. And profitability is the result of good maintenance and good production coming together.

In order to be more profitable, maintenance departments must make productive use of all of their resources through best maintenance practices. Maintenance planning and scheduling has the greatest profit potential of any maintenance function and it is a ‘sure-fire’ way to quickly improve maintenance performance and productivity yet many companies struggle to achieve success in this area.

Attend this CPD-accredited training course to learn everything you need to know about maintenance planning and scheduling, and help you and your team understand how to make this work in your current environment.

So, during the 3 days focused purely on maintenance planning and scheduling with leading asset management expert, Allan Tarita you will learn how current best maintenance planning and scheduling practices can be applied as well as how to initiate an effective and measurable maintenance planning and scheduling process.
The methodology used is based on action-learning, so this maintenance planning and scheduling course is highly practical and interactive in nature. Throughout the course you will learn how to actually apply the maintenance planning and scheduling tools presented in each module using real-world case study material.

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