JBCC Suite of Contracts

Next Available Public Course Dates for the JBCC Suite of Contracts Course
19 & 20 June 2024 – Online

Although the JBCC Suite of Contracts is widely used throughout the South African construction industry and its use has increased substantially over the last few years, there still remains a lot of uncertainty regarding all the ins and outs with regards to the mechanics and day-to-day use of the JBCC Suite of Contracts.

This uncertainty has also increased as a result of the release of Edition 6 and the recently released 6.2 Edition which in addition to incorporating some fundamental changes takes on an entirely new format, seeing the JBCC Principal Building Agreement reduced from 40 clauses (Edition 5) to only 32 clauses in Edition 6.

So, this 2-day multi-CPD-accredited training course offers you something quite different as it takes a unique and unbiased 360º look at the use of the entire JBCC Suite of Contracts and literally leaves no stone unturned. The course will examine whether the new provisions have the desired effect of improving the JBCC contractual process, as it aims to provide clarity and detail on everything that you need to know about the JBCC Suite of Contracts in a fast-paced and plain-English way. So we guarantee to provide you with a whole new level of understanding of the JBCC and this course is ideal for anyone who has to deal with and use the JBCC Suite of Contracts on a regular basis.

The course also allows for focussed discussions on the key provisions of the JBCC contract, as well as an objective view of its practical application in order to highlight the JBCC’s strengths and weaknesses.

This JBCC Suite of Contracts training course has been researched and developed with one aim in mind…rather than simply running through the JBCC clauses in their numerical sequence we intend progressing through the stages of the project from start to completion and then dealing with the relevant JBCC clauses as they apply to each of these stages. And wherever possible we will illustrate each application by way of real-life JBCC case studies.

Our previous Course Participants have raved about our JBCC-focused course – for the simple fact that unlike other courses available in the market it takes a completely unbiased view of using the JBCC Suite of Contracts in real-world construction situations.

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