JBCC Claims

Next Available Public Course Dates for the JBCC Claims Course
21 June 2024 – Online

Over the  years, Alusani Skills & Training Network® have run a number of sell-out JBCC-focused training courses throughout South Africa. In this multi-CPD-accredited JBCC Claims course, we teach you how to manage, defend and make claims under the JBCC Suite of Contracts.

Many public sector and private organisations undertaking construction work make use of the JBCC Suite of Contracts. However, the JBCC has largely been criticised for making too many changes over the years. It seems that just as you start to get comfortable and used to one set of changes, more changes are made which then lead to confusion, which ultimately lead to problems and claims.

Sadly with disagreements and disputes on the increase it seems like they are becoming part and parcel of the construction industry. Many of these disputes and disagreements are based on misunderstandings that often relate to the practical and technical aspects of the project. But how do you make sure that this does not derail the entire project? This 1-day training course has been especially formulated to cover all of the bases and increase your knowledge and understanding of all aspects of dealing with:

  • Disagreement and disputes under the JBCC Principal Building Agreement and the time-barring provisions introduced by Edition 6
  • The application of the JBCC Principal Adjudication Rules
  • Claims of an on-going nature – everything you need to know about how to preserve your rights in terms of the JBCC Building Agreement
  • Reviewing the requirements, merits and demerits of proven alternative dispute

If you do work with this construction contract, enquire with us today.

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