HR Essentials – Must-Have Skills for Non-HR Managers

If you had R10 for every time you heard the phrase, ‘people are our most important asset’…you’d be a billionaire by now! And although this phrase is very easily and freely used in business, let’s be honest it is a case of many companies not practicing what they preach!

As a busy Line Manager you already have many demanding responsibilities when you just consider your day job. But if people are really your most important asset doesn’t it make sense that you would have an understanding of the entire scope and range of your HR responsibilities? Think about it this way, you wouldn’t leave the management of your company’s finances up to your security guard would you? Then why as a Line Manager do you simply defer to your HR department every single chance you get when it is quite simple for you to get to grips with HR essentials.

Because when you think about it there seems to be an entrenched misunderstanding in many organisations (no matter what the size) between line management and human resources…because they are poles apart. But in a market place that continually demands more, more, more…doesn’t it make sense that in order to have high-performing teams that collaboration and partnerships between these two departments is a must?

Companies that continue down this path will continue to suffer from costly and time-consuming employee-related issues. That is why this HR Essentials course is a must, because it uses real-life HR issues and experience and condenses the most important HR information into 3-days of clear, concise but more importantly easy-to-understand training.

HR Essentials – Must-Have Skills for Non-HR Managers is crammed full with tools, techniques, practical advice and invaluable information and you will learn everything you need to know about…

  • Effective recruitment and selection techniques
  • Interviewing
  • On-boarding strategies
  • Formulating and mapping a winning training and development strategy
  • Appraising performance and on-going performance management
  • Dealing with grievances and disciplinary issues
  • General HR policies and procedures
  • Plus so much more that you won’t find in a text book!
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