How to Develop, Write and Implement Clear and Concise Policies and Procedures

Next Available Public Course Dates for the Policies Course
21, 22 & 23 August 2024 – Online

It goes without saying that every company needs policies and procedures in order to operate efficiently, get employees on the same page but at the same time adhere to legal and regulatory guidelines. But writing policies and procedures and then getting your employees to give them the attention that they deserve can be quite a daunting challenge! Added to this, many policies and procedures are more often than not longwinded, difficult to understand and because of this they are then very difficult to communicate, implement, monitor and audit.

There is so much involved in writing effective policies and procedures so this training course has been designed to teach you how to firstly identify the policies and procedures that your organisation requires as well as thoroughly reviewing what you currently have in place.

This course goes a step further and will give you the skills and knowledge to not only develop and administer a comprehensive set of policies and procedures from scratch but we will also teach you how to implement and then maintain them.

Using a range of real-life policies and procedures we will equip you with a well-established and standardised framework. And this training course will also teach you everything you need to know about all of the rules, strategies and guidelines that will make your job easier but at the same time that will ensure well-written policies and procedures that are supported and followed by your employees.

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