GCC Subcontract Agreement

A fact that many people don’t know is that typically the Main and Subcontract agreements have differing numbers and clauses which often makes them incompatible. However, the GCC Subcontract is unique in that the wording of each clause dovetails with its equivalent clause in the GCC 2015 Main Contract.  However, although they share the same numbering of clauses, the same set of definitions and allow for easy cross-referencing, you shouldn’t forget that the Subcontract is in fact a standalone contract and where the rubber often meets the road is because of the fact that the roles of the parties under the Subcontract are very different to the roles of the parties Main Contract.

So, this training course will provide you with detailed information and knowledge that you need of the key contractual provisions and management mechanisms affecting the GCC Subcontract Agreement. During the course we explore all of the vital issues from all relevant perspectives, and we will highlight your roles and responsibilities to give you a greater influence and control over how work is performed in a GCC Subcontract Agreement.

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