GCC Claims & Dispute Management

Construction claims and disputes…from hundreds of thousands to many millions of Rands to even the smallest of claims…they are, in short, time consuming and divert valuable and scarce resources away from where they are needed most and they are destructive to what may seem like even the most solid of business relationships.

So, the preparation of a comprehensive GCC contract is of course your very best protection against time-consuming and costly claims and disputes. But when things go wrong and they very often do…and one of the parties involved in the GCC contract want to assert their rights…or in other words, they want to claim…how you handle it will really make all of the difference.

That is where this 1-day GCC Claims & Dispute Management training course comes in. Following on from our 2-day training course focused on the GCC 2010 and 2015 contracts, we now focus in detail on the different types of claims which are most common when using the GCC contract as well as how to handle them and the dispute resolution mechanisms available.

This 1-day GCC Claims & Dispute Management training course will teach you step-by-step how to prepare and oppose a claim. We will also explore and discuss the various dispute resolution methods available under the GCC including the proper use of the adjudication facility.

Using actual case studies this 1-day GCC Claims & Dispute Management training course will teach you how to prepare, present and defend GCC claims. You will learn:

• What are the actual differences between additional time and cost claims as well as dissatisfaction claims?
• Everything you need to know about Clause 5.12.4
• The principles to be applied to claim quantification
• Mechanisms to cut down on the amount of claims, disruptions and disagreements
• Top tips for tackling delay headaches and getting your project back on track
• Dispute management including how to properly use the adjudication facility
• About ‘last resort’ dispute resolution options

Think of this training course as your essential guide to the GCC Claims & Dispute Management as it will provide you with much needed clarity and detail on everything you need to know in a fast-paced and plain-English way and it is guaranteed to provide a whole new level of understanding to anyone that has to deal with and use this contract on a regular basis.

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