Fundamentals of Project Management

There is a lot more to being a Project Manager than meets the eye! The world of project management is a diverse and dynamic one and it changes constantly.

But the reality is that when you dig down into any successful project you will find a rock-solid foundation of fundamental concepts that have been diligently applied and followed…these core principles remain what separates a good project from a bad one, what helps a project to finish on time and on budget or one that drags on forever and costs much more than it should.

To be fair, the field of project management is littered with complicated frameworks, theories and process models.  But this training course is quite different, it has been researched and developed to be as straight-forward as possible and it introduces the core concepts and successful elements of successful project management.

By the end of the training course you will be able to effectively initiate, run and manage any project from start to finish.  This means that this course is ideal for anyone who finds themselves in charge of a project but who is unfamiliar with the steps/processes to make all come together or those who find themselves feeling overwhelmed by managing multiple projects, and assignments.

Training Course Methodology & Case Studies To Be Used

The course will start out by reviewing key project concepts and your Course Leader, Dennis Comninos will then move onto the underlying principles and fundamental techniques of effective project management planning and scheduling…but this is only half of the project management equation!

You will then move onto (the part that is often the most challenging part for people new to project management) the critical areas of communication, team building and project leadership, we will teach you how to get the most out of your project team as well as how to execute and control your projects throughout the project life cycle.

All of the course content is based on best practices in the project management profession and references the 2017 6th edition of the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body-Of-Knowledge (PMBOK®).

The training course will also use a variety of exciting real-life project management examples to highlight how you can practically apply what you learn during each module.

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