First Line Management Essentials

Ah, the thrill of that promotion, you’ve definitely earned your new position, you are absolutely ecstatic, you are on top of the world…then reality sinks in…and you mind races with a million different questions, what do I do first? How do I get to know my team quickly? What if I say the wrong thing?

You are not alone, because many First Time Managers step into their role feeling a little apprehensive, but you don’t have to. And that is where this training course comes in.

It is aimed at employees who have been promoted for the first time in a team leader, foreman, supervisor, or in a junior management position. This course will help you to understand that it’s no longer enough to complete your work accurately and on time, but you have a team of people who rely on you, and this means that your time and focus will shift from managing just yourself to managing others.

First line management is normally the fault line in any business due to you being poorly prepared to manage others, and understanding the new skills set required in this position. This powerful management training course will help to make your transition smoother and more successful. It will allow you to hit the road running with a clear view of the skills required and the tools that you will need to save time and add confidence to your new position.

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