Finance for Engineers, Project & Technical Managers

Next Available Public Course Dates for the Finance for Engineers Course
17, 18 & 19 April 2024 – Online

If you think that this Finance for Engineers training course is just simply another re-hash of your typical Finance for Non-Financial Managers training course…it’s not!

Finance for engineers, project managers and other multi-disciplinary professionals with a technical background is far more complex than just teaching you about financial terminology and key financial concepts, so we aren’t going to bore you with the obvious.

Engineering projects and financial decisions are closely linked to each other, simply due to the fact that capital projects or maintenance investments can be so huge and complex. And when you consider that every article you read about the engineering and construction sectors right now, talks about how engineers are struggling to secure finance to back new projects and to upgrade resources…so all of these challenges are just making it tough to do business.

But the very best engineers know that they have to have a detailed understanding of finance if they want to accurately determine new solutions to potential opportunities, challenges and problems. If you want to get a project approved (no matter its size) the financials need to be clear, compelling and you have to learn how to argue the business case as part of the overall technical solution.

So understanding the complexities of finance is a must and this training course has been designed in such a way to be as practical and interactive as possible. Using a real-life case study will allow you to learn, apply and practice all the tips, tools and techniques you need to positively contribute to the financial and strategic project-focused decisions within your company.

This is an intensive and practical 3-day Finance for Engineers course which has been specifically developed for Engineers, Project Managers and other multi-disciplinary professionals with a technical background. Straight forward and no-nonsense, this power-packed training course will enable you to get straight to the heart of any financial issue and it will give you the confidence and control when making financial decisions that impact any project.

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