FIDIC Yellow Book

Next Available Public Course Dates for the FIDIC Yellow Book Course
14 & 15 May 2024 – Online

The FIDIC standard form contracts are an ever increasing essential component of the day-to-day landscape across construction activities (particularly in the execution of large infrastructure development projects) both internationally and throughout Southern Africa. The reason for this is simple; FIDIC has gained in popularity, especially amongst public and governmental authorities and it has become an international benchmark for fair and responsible standard form construction contracts with the primary risks through the construction process being placed on the shoulders of the party best suited to effectively deal with and manage these risks.

The FIDIC Yellow Book is FIDIC’s design and build document for projects and its main difference from the Red Book is that it is used when an Employer appoints an Engineer to supervise the overall construction of the Works but the responsibility for the design rests with the Contractor.

So a practical working knowledge of the contractual provisions and commercial processes applicable to the Yellow Book is an essential commercial necessity for any construction professional.

That is why this 2-day training course on the practical use of the FIDIC Yellow Book has been specifically designed to equip all Course Participants with a practical and detailed understanding, as well as a working knowledge of the relevant legal principles, contractual provisions and management mechanisms of the Yellow Book ( both 1999 and 2017 Editions).

By the end of the training course you will be better equipped to execute projects within time, on budget and in compliance with the Employer’s technical requirements and specifications.

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