Expert Negotiator

Think about this, if you were part of a winning sports team, think about how you would prepare for any game. You would spend hours and hours training on the field and in the gym, studying your competitors to determine their strengths and weaknesses and develop a winning strategy. All with a single aim – TO WIN!

And negotiating is no different.

In the real world of business, confident negotiators ARE ALWAYS in high demand

So, sharpening your skills and becoming a more effective deal-maker in any situation will ultimately help you to succeed in every single aspect of your career.

But choosing an advanced negotiation skills training programme from the masses of available training options can be a little confusing. In our highly practical 3-day training course you will learn about the advanced negotiation tactics used by experts – how they successfully prepare and conduct negotiations. Plus, you will also learn a variety of approaches and how best to us them, as well as how to combat and defuse any ‘dirty tricks’.

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