Lorraine Bekker

Leading Debtors and Creditors Expert

When it comes to debtors and creditors focused training courses, you simply can’t beat Lorraine Bekker’s experience! For over 23 years she has worked across the entire spectrum of debit and credit management, having held management positions in well-known companies such as National Brands, Nestle, SAB – Coca Cola Division, LG Electronic and Bravo Group Manufacturing just to name a few. This experience means that she is able to pinpoint problem or inefficient areas very quickly and to use her solid business sense and financial awareness to offer workable solutions.

Lorraine is an energetic and dynamic Course Leader and her engaging training style will get you thinking in new directions as she shares with you her experiences, as well as ideas for how to improve your processes and better manage both your debtors and creditors departments.

Lorraine says…, “in my opinion the debtors and creditors departments are the lifeblood of any organisation. But many businesses view credit control as an inconvenience and they just don’t take it seriously and credit management can be a big challenge and a huge headache if you let it get out of control. But there are many effective ways to manage and overcome these challenges and during each and every one of my debit and credit management courses I make sure that they are very interactive and practical. But above all else, each course is full of techniques that can be effectively put to use in the workplace immediately, boosting morale, increasing productivity and improving results.”

And while her courses are intensive, thorough but above all practical her high-energy, easy presentation style, solid content and business insights quickly enable each Course Participant to extend and build on his/her knowledge-base.

This is what past Course Participants have had to say about our previous Training Courses

“Excellent course. It was to the point and I could really relate to all of the references made.”

Managing Director,
Industrial Acid Proofing International

“Excellent, excellent the course is very informative and the Course Leader is very well informed and a subject matter expert.”

Contracts Manager,
Actom Power Systems

“I would recommend Alusani® gladly to anyone that wants to deal with a professional and competent training company.”

Human Resources Practitioner,

“We have engaged with Alusani® for the last 10 years and the words that come to mind are Professionalism, Efficiency, Client Satisfaction and Friendliness. Thank you for the great service.”

Contracts Administrator,

“The course was empowering, it was what I needed.”

Hychem (Pty) Ltd

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