Karl von Buddenbrock

MS Project Management Specialist

Karl von Buddenbrock is a highly experienced and respected facilitator who has trained in the corporate and government sphere for 25 years. He specialises in training and consulting on MS Project, project management as well as the full suite of MS Office products.

His training methodology combines a series of hands-on exercises and practical sessions. He specialises in delivering training on best practices to show MS Project users how best to use the software to help solve project management problems such as scheduling time critical and resource constrained projects.

His training philosophy is simple but effective as he believes that “training,especially MS Project-focused training is not just about teaching professionals rote methods of executing MS Project tasks, but more importantly it is to gain insight into what they are doing and how they could do it better. So, my training material is packed with practical, ready-to-use techniques and time-saving tips that will help each and every Course Participant to fully exploit this powerful programme and ultimately accomplish a lot more every single time they use MS Project.”

This is what past Course Participants have had to say about our previous Training Courses

“Excellent course. It was to the point and I could really relate to all of the references made.”

Managing Director,
Industrial Acid Proofing International

“Excellent, excellent the course is very informative and the Course Leader is very well informed and a subject matter expert.”

Contracts Manager,
Actom Power Systems

“I would recommend Alusani® gladly to anyone that wants to deal with a professional and competent training company.”

Human Resources Practitioner,

“We have engaged with Alusani® for the last 10 years and the words that come to mind are Professionalism, Efficiency, Client Satisfaction and Friendliness. Thank you for the great service.”

Contracts Administrator,

“The course was empowering, it was what I needed.”

Hychem (Pty) Ltd

To bring Karl von Buddenbrock to your organisation, please contact us on +27 11 447 7470 or email onsite@alusani.co.za

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