Archie Barnwell

Expert Course Leader in the areas of Finance and Project Management

Archie Barnwell has had a very impressive 37-year career starting out in the banking industry, moving into the hotel arena before finally ending up in the projects division within the construction industry. He has worked on many well-known projects including Sun City, The Westcliff Hotel, N1 & N2 Toll Concession, Gautrain and Johannesburg Inner City Expansion just to name a few.

During his career, he has worked in a variety of senior management positions responsible for the financial decisions and this led him into his current field of expertise that relates directly to project management with specific focus on large construction and engineering projects.

All this experience coupled with his professional affiliation to the International Project Finance Association make him the ideal Course Leader for this training course as he really understands the importance of making sound and rational financial decisions.

Archie has an engaging training style and he says about this topic, “if you have ever asked yourself…where are they getting those numbers from, you’re not alone! The reality is that a lot of engineers, project managers and technical professionals are just like you…they feel uncomfortable in discussions with financial and accounting specialists…or they don’t fully understand financial terminology and get lost in the “buzz words”…and they don’t know how to effectively use budgets, balance sheets, P&L statements, project financial models and other financial data to their project’s advantage.

The reality is that your actions and decisions do affect the financial picture. So, if you’re making those decisions without a solid knowledge of finance and accounting, you’re operating in the dark. That is why I am excited to be teaching this course because it will teach you how to make more efficient and strategic engineering decisions.”

This is what past Course Participants have had to say about our previous Training Courses

“Excellent course. It was to the point and I could really relate to all of the references made.”

Managing Director,
Industrial Acid Proofing International

“Excellent, excellent the course is very informative and the Course Leader is very well informed and a subject matter expert.”

Contracts Manager,
Actom Power Systems

“I would recommend Alusani® gladly to anyone that wants to deal with a professional and competent training company.”

Human Resources Practitioner,

“We have engaged with Alusani® for the last 10 years and the words that come to mind are Professionalism, Efficiency, Client Satisfaction and Friendliness. Thank you for the great service.”

Contracts Administrator,

“The course was empowering, it was what I needed.”

Hychem (Pty) Ltd


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