Essential Labour Law for Line Managers

Does your mind simply boggle when you think of all the dos and dont’s that you have to remember in terms of labour law? As if doing your day job wasn’t enough, you are also expected to be legally up-to-date and always 100% compliant in terms of the current labour law. This is no easy task and can often be confusing.

Labour law and industrial relations is quite a complex subject. It has a high MEGO factor (meaning that “My Eyes Glaze Over”…does this sound familiar?) In all honesty, it is often very very puzzling, especially when you consider that there is so much to consider and so much that can go wrong. An effective line manager must be able to spot potential problems early and solve them before they become costly grievances or worse – lawsuits! But not all employee offences warrant going the formal disciplinary route – in actual fact more often than not they can be handled efficiently and corrected simply by using and enforcing positive discipline. Obviously, you need to decide which route is the best one to take.

The CCMA has reported a 25% increase in the case load over the past 5 years, with the current load sitting at over 154,000 active cases! In a staggering two-thirds of these cases the employer had to pay the employee because the procedures followed were unfair! Don’t let this happen to you, find out more about how our 2-day training course can assist you and increase your confidence when dealing with complex labour law issues.

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