Emotional Intelligence & Interpersonal Skills

Many people are under the impression that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the touchy-feely stuff well… you need to re-evaluate your thinking. There are new rules in the world of work and whichever way you slice it EQ matters!  No business professional can hope to survive in today’s economic climate on their intellectual capacity and academic credentials alone.

So, the question is what is EQ really all about and how can it help you?  In a nutshell, EQ is the ability to recognise and manage your and others emotions.  But mastering the concepts of EQ is a journey and not a quick-fix and it is a journey that demands practice and commitment.

Let’s face it, no manager is an island and when you work in a team environment your EQ skills become even more important to your everyday work.  It might surprise you to know that the glue which holds high performing teams together is more often than not high EQ.

Emotions are in fact the master aptitude and having control over your emotions is far more important than being gifted with a high IQ.  Previously mental intelligence (IQ) was revered as a good predictor of success but these findings are now being completely overturned.

Many of us know people who are extremely intelligent or well educated but they simply can’t make their lives work. Plus, we all know people who have very high IQs that work for others with much less intellectual ability so, it might seem that mental intelligence is not a good predictor of success.

The business case for EQ is relatively simple.  A low EQ will negatively impact your ability to apply mental aptitude and rational thinking. It can sabotage the intellect and substantially ruin both careers and business.

Tuning in and listening to your employees may seem easy, but to become a truly emotionally intelligent leader you also need to inspire and motivate.  You have to bring your organisational values to life and make your employees believe that anything is possible and this will then drive superior and cohesive performance.  By raising your EQ the end result will speak for itself, who wouldn’t want improved performance and a more productive and effective organisation?  What do you need to know in order to get it right the first time but more importantly to sustain and make this your workplace norm?  This training course is going to show you how!


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