Effective Training Management and Administration

You understand your role and responsibilities…otherwise to be honest; you shouldn’t be in your job! So, unlike other training programmes targeted directly at you, we aren’t going to bore you with the obvious.

Your company expects and demands results from any training initiative it undertakes (and rightly so)! But how do you ensure that every single time one of your employees attends a training course or is engaged in some type of learning intervention, that the learning principles are effectively transferred to your employees work situation and that they are better equipped to deliver on performance expectations? This isn’t a question that has a simple answer and that is why we have developed and designed this must-attend Effective Training Management & Administration training course for anyone who is involved in training.

When was the last time that you really took a long hard look at your training function to see if it is more reactive or strategic? Depending on your company, training is either a stand-alone function or it is integrated within your HR department, but no matter its status your role is now more strategic than ever. But are you doing things because they work…or simply because that is the way that it has always been done?

In truth many businesses just “shoot from the hip” when it come to training and they land up wasting an enormous amount of time and money. So, this Effective Training Management & Administration training course will give you a unique opportunity to assess the current state of training in your company and it will give you the tools, confidence and knowledge you need to tackle any real-world training situation.

The course also brings you up-to-date with the very latest thinking and best practices that effective Training Professionals are using in South African and around the world right now, and this will help you to maximise every single investment you make in training.

We will also show you how to apply all of these best practices in a South African context and this practical and hands-on training course will also teach you how to use the latest tips, tools and techniques to generate new ideas that you can apply directly back into your training department. In short, we will show you how to be far more effective, expand your sphere of influence and credibility as a strategic partner in the business and ultimately maintain management support for training.

And we can guarantee that after just 2-days you will leave loaded with tips, tools and techniques that you can use from now on to make more informed decisions about training that support your organisational objectives.

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