Effective Procurement and Supplier Management Techniques

It goes without saying that in our private lives, we all buy goods and services just about every single day and generally there are very few problems encountered in these purchasing transactions. The reasons for this are simply that there is a whole host of consumer legislation that protects us and although the protection may not be perfect, it is there!

However, when procurement in a B2B environment there is no such thing as buyer-friendly legislation. And as sales people always want to close the deal…they will approach any and all levels of an organisation hoping to make a deal. More often than not they get the attention of the people who have no formal procurement training…in short they are looking for what they consider the ‘soft target’ or the ‘easy sell’.

So, when you consider all of the above and in light of the recent stats that point to GDP growth of only 1.3% for the South African economy, then for many organisations, cost effective procurement and supply chain management means the difference between surviving or thriving!

With purchased goods and services accounting for in some cases up to 80% of a company’s revenue, many managers involved in purchasing simply just don’t realise the significant contribution that a well-run procurement function can make to a company’s profits, growth and risk minimisation.

Also, any mistakes made in the area of procurement can be costly as they can cause delays and affect the overall quality of goods or services that you supply to your customers.

FACT – You can save a lot of money in your company if you can get maverick spending under control.

What is surprising when you consider the above is that many companies give little or no formal training when it comes to procurement and supplier management. Added to this there is also a lot of misunderstanding in terms of the causes of commercial failures and how they arise from poorly purchased goods and services as well as ineffective supplier management.

That is why this course is so very important, our approach to this  training course is to use a range of real-life case studies to teach you everything you need to know about applying effective step-by-step procurement techniques as well as how to manage your suppliers for maximum results!

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