Effective Claims Management Under FIDIC Contracts

Alusani Skills & Training Network® offers a CPD-accredited training course on Effective Claims Management under FIDIC Contracts. FIDIC Claims often arise on building and engineering projects and appear to be an inherent feature of the industry. Unfortunately claims under FIDIC contracts have acquired a very negative connotation and the manner in which claims are brought and assessed often lead to disputes.

Most building and engineering contracts set out the basis for claims and indicate which events will lead to claims. These contracts also contain and prescribe detailed procedures that have to be followed by the parties should they wish to give notice of and submit claims. FIDIC is no exception!

This 1-day CPD-accredited FIDIC Claims training course focuses in detail on the grounds to claim and the procedures to notify claims that are applicable in the case of FIDIC contract. We also cover in detail the issue of how to properly present and assess FIDIC claims.

Topics that will be covered during the course will include:

  • The relationship between risk, the allocation of risk and claim
  • Claims avoidance
  • Devising and implementing a proper claims management system
  • The provisions and applicability of the UK Delay and Disruption Protocol
  • Dealing with concurrent delays and delay events that have a concurrent effect
  • Use of the programme and the critical part method to substantiate “Extension of Time” claims
  • Heads of claims and the quantification of claims for additional payment
  • The wording of claim notices
  • Possible responses to claim notices
  • Guidance on the structuring of claims
  • The assessment and determination of claims by the Employer/Engineer/Contract Administrator

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