Deborah Oliver

Leading Communications, Writing & Administration Expert


Deborah Oliver is a highly experienced and respected communications, writing and administration expert who has worked in the corporate training arena for over 15 years. This experience means that she is uniquely placed to give sound advice when it comes to anything and everything communication, writing and admin related, and her training courses are intensive and thorough.

She is well-known and liked for her engaging presentation style, valuable insights, and candid feedback, which quickly puts all Course Participants at ease and enables her to connect with people from all back grounds.

In her training courses, Deborah prioritises packing as much useful information as possible into the course while also allowing plenty of time for Course Participants to practice and reinforce their learning. She takes great pleasure in sharing her knowledge and experiences with groups of people and finds it incredibly fulfilling.

About joining the Alusani® Course Leader faculty, she has this to say, “I am a ‘people’s person’ and I am truly passionate about adult learning and development. I get a real buzz when I am standing in front of a group of people, and I get to engage and share my experience and knowledge with them.

The Alusani® offering is unique and like nothing I have seen in the training space before, so this is going to be a fantastic collaboration. The reason I say that is because I have such a wide scope of experience and I can train on a range of topics at various levels, so I am really looking forward to meeting, motivating, and steering you to higher levels of performance.”


To bring Deborah Oliver to your organisation, please contact us on +27 11 447 7470 or email

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