Women in Business

I don’t have to tell you about how hard it can be being a woman in business because like me you are living it every single day!

But did you know that in South Africa it is a proven fact that we promote managers and supervisors on average 5 years earlier than the rest of the world. And promoting at such a fast pace often has a negative impact, you find yourself using a trial and error approach to new management and leadership challenges that you encounter. Plus management training becomes a ‘nice to have’ not a ‘need to have’… and the management and leadership development of women is generally way way down the bottom of the list!

But the skills that you need to achieve phenomenal leadership results are just one powerful training experience away! Researched and developed by Alusani Skills & Training Network®, all of our women in business-focused training courses are designed to build on your inherent talents and strengths and to help you become even more effective, confident and ultimately even more successful!

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