NEC Focused Training

Although the NEC3 was published in July of 2005, there remains a lot of uncertainty regarding all the ins and outs with regards to the mechanics and day-to-day use of the NEC Family of Contracts.

The understanding and successful implementation of the NEC contracts can result in major benefits for projects in terms of time, cost saving and improved quality, and promotes a ‘collaborative spirit’ between the Contractor and the Client. This often results in projects that use the NEC Family of Contracts being delivered on time and within budget.

Now with the recent release of NEC4, this new contract builds on success as well as the content of NEC3 to achieve even further improvements.

So, all of our  NEC courses  cover in detail core clauses and then delve into optional clauses which are seen more as those ‘bolt-on’ clauses that fine-tune the risk allocation under the various NEC contracts. We also explore in detail the areas of Early Warnings and Compensation Events as these are unique to the NEC Family of Contracts.

Since 2009 Alusani Skills & Training Network® has been the go-to-company for NEC-focused training. Our comprehensive NEC portfolio of training courses remains popular with both public and private sector organisations throughout South Africa and beyond.

Each training course listed below has been designed to focus on the key provisions of the particular NEC contract as well as to discuss in detail best practices as they answer a wide range of on-going questions often asked by NEC users.

In addition most of our NEC-focused training courses offer CPD Points via SAICE and ECSA and some of them also offer CPD Hours with ASAQS and SACQSP as well as with the SACPCMP.

* Denotes that this course has been accredited with CPD Points/Hours/Credits. Please click on the name of the course for more info.

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